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The goal of Mission HD is to increase Public Safety in the High Desert by:

        *Reaching youth who have had negative contact with law  enforcement and guiding them to a new path for success.

        *Disrupting the re-incarceration pipeline by assisting  individuals to successfully reenter the High Desert Community. 

        *Providing desperately needed transportation for people  to County and non-profit resources so they can improve their lives. 

        We have invested over $400,000 in serving the High Desert community.  We want to expand our services so the extra  donations will allow us to serve more people.  We have serviced over 53,000 people over 9 years.

Who will benefit:

        *Youth who are heading down the wrong path

        *Individuals who have been released from jail and are reentering our community

        *Individuals who are homeless and are struggling due to lack  of earning a living wage

We are collaborating with many non-profits to serve the  High Desert community

Abundant Living Family Church’s “New Hope” program helps put newly released jail inmates on track for a new and stable life, according to Abundant Living’s Pastor Mark Graham. Led by Corey Moore, the all-volunteer program  provides clothing, food, cell phone access and transportation to the individuals who are released. As of May 31, 2018, the program has serviced over 13,445 individuals reentering our community.

The “New Hope” program is adding statistical measurement, case management for the individuals being released and a focused effort on children of those incarcerated and youth who have had a negative contact with law enforcement. “It is our hope to stop the incarceration in the first place,” Pastor Graham said. “Abundant Living has created a program called, ‘Pathfinders’ and we are partnering with Desert Mountain Community School, which is an alternative education program for youth who are struggling in the traditional educational setting,” the Pastor said. “Our staff, works on three campuses, five days a week mentoring students, doing strength-based assessments and career and college planning.” From January to June 2018 program volunteers have mentored over 90 students (over 75% of the student enrollment) making over 370 continuous mentoring contacts. Students who were not doing well are advancing in a positive manner, no more negative contact with law enforcement and some are going on to further their education.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Pastor Graham over the past several years,” Said Supervisor Lovingood. “This is a wonderfully effective program ministering to those in need. With the critical labor shortages that are going to continue for the next two decades, programs like this should be sought out and expanded.”

Pastor Graham and his team are working on a “Sleep Center” to safely provide a place for individuals who are homeless or just being released from incarceration a place to rest and regroup while they get help putting together a plan. For more information, visit www.abundantlivinghd.com. 

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